Why is CNU Still Relevant in the Design, Development and Governance Conversation? (A #CNU24 Reflection)

As of Saturday June 11, the Congress for New Urbanism has convened for 24 times. Since its inception, it’s gone through an evolution, an evolution powered by its roots in the architectural tradition of design and critique. It’s precisely this history which makes it still relevant in the greater design, development and governance (which I’m […]

Day Three at #CNU24: My First on the Ground–Old Friends, Good Debate, Great Places

Good morning Detroit! I’m live from my family bunker up in the Northwest side of the city to give you my take on my experience here at CNU 24. I’m already regretting missing the first two days, plus time here early, considering I have a base here. Even though I’ve been here twice, being here […]

5 Years of the Congress for New Urbanism: CNU 24 Conference Preview and Where and When to Find Me There!

Name any professional conference where a relative newcomer can come in, either invited or uninvited, state that at a certain time and certain place, they are going to put out an idea, record said idea and have a parent of a movement show up and give you props on what you said, even though you’ve […]

The #CNU23 Post You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s another day in the world of urbanism. It’s a day when I feel like all of my friends are being heard and getting stuff done and getting money and doing whatever they want to do, many live from the 23rd Congress for New Urbanism in Dallas. That’s what makes it an interesting, invigorating, fabulous […]

CNU Post Mortem-Part 2: What I Loved

Now that we’ve dealt with the problems. lets talk about what I personally really liked at the Congress this year. Being in a true walkable city.  I used a motor vehicle three times, from the airport, to Silo City (which had so much of the pedestrian friendly street furniture ripped out, it was like a […]

CNU 22 Thursday Recap, Powered by Storify

My second full day here in Buffalo was amazing. I really enjoyed the insights expressed in the morning plenary, especially by Harriet Tregoning, former DC Planning Director and working with HUD with their Sustainable Communities grants. Both presentations made it clear that millennials (i.e. the next generation) are here to stay and need to be […]

CNU 22 Wednesday Recap Powered by Storify

Good evening from Buffalo! I hope everyone has had a wonderful first day of the Congress. I spent most of my day writing, picking up my badge, running into old friends and I monitored the backchannel of the opening plenary from the Lobby Bar at the Statler while having a great discussion on places and community […]

So We Made It to CNU22…

Good morning folks. After a half day of work, I began to embark on my adventure of traveling to Buffalo for CNU22. Here’s how I bid farewell to Greensboro.   And a stop with my brother/cousin at the airport Natty Greenes, which is only really one of the house microbrews and the standard airport bar/grill menu. […]