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“A Black Urbanist” Book Cover

Keeping it simple today for your Monday, I am debuting the book cover.

Cover Image

Yes, it’s abstract. Yes, it’s bunch of white walls and black doors and ball lights hanging from the ceiling. I took the picture and I designed the cover myself. And it could change. However, if you purchase the book on December 1 as an e-book, this is the first page you will see. Say you haven’t pre-ordered the book, head on over to Gumroad and do it now.

Next week, I’ll be doing a Q&A about why a book, why now, why an e-book and I’ll be including a special project to take this book to the next level.

This post is part of my participation in #NaBloPoMo, the time of the year when bloggers come together to pump out daily content and connect. Find out more about that project and how I’m participating, here and here.

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