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The Black Urbanist Spring 2012 Appearance Schedule and Reader Survey

As I promised in my last post on Thursday, I am now releasing my reader’s survey and also my event schedule for the spring. At the latter two events I am on the program and at the Urban Design Conference I’ll be in the crowd and liveblogging.

Also, if you want me to come speak on something or if you have something you want to share in this space, fill out the survey and let me know.

For those of you on mobile devices, the plain text of my schedule and the survey questions is below, followed by the Google plugins for those of you on slightly more powerful devices. You can either leave your answers in the comments or email me at theblackurbanist(at)gmail.com

Thanks in advance for filling out the survey and I hope to see you at one of these upcoming events.

Schedule of Events
March 17th- NCSU Urban Design Conference in Raleigh- liveblogging and networking
April 20th- UNC Global South Conference- Speaking on the reverse migration of African-Americans
May 9-12- CNU 20 in West Palm Beach- Speaking on Killing the Urban Inferiority Complex and live blogging on Next American City

Survey Questions
-How do you interact with the Black Urbanist?(Facebook, Twitter, in-person,RSS, website, mobile devices, laptop/desktop)
-What types of content do you enjoy the most?
-What would you like for me to talk more about(specific issues, initiatives, personal stories, etc.)?
-Would you like to be featured via a 5 Questions Segment on the blog?
-Would you like to guest post on the blog?
-Would you like for me to speak at your event?
-Would you be willing to donate to keep the Black Urbanist going?

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