Introducing The Black Urbanist Book Club — New Media for Designers and Builders



I love reading. Those of you who have known me in real life for years don’t doubt or dispute that. In fact, I’ve spent more money on books than clothing in the past few weeks. So I knew it would only be a matter of time until I introduced a virtual book club/bookshelf.  And to dust off the bookshelf, I present to you:


New Media for Designers and Builders Cover

Spiritual, then tactical. Those two words summarize the gist of the wonderful volume New Media for Designers and Builders by architect, fellow new urbanist, and green living advocate Steven A. Mouzon. For those who are familiar with Steve’s Original Green vision, he’s just taken this vision and worldview and applied that to how to use social media. While geared towards designers and builders of the traditional sort, this could apply to anyone who wants to promote ideas versus products.

In fact, Steve believes that we are past the age of the product (faster, cheaper, more efficient) and in the age of the idea. This age of the idea dictates that we are to be more patient, generous, and connected in our practice and communication. There’s no place better to practice those values than in social media. While there’s a case for faster, cheaper, and efficient in social media branding, often times these efforts that emphasize those aspects fall flat. In essence, they are just as bad as the traditional marketing practices they are replacing. When one focuses on doing things patiently, generously and with an eye towards actual connectivity, then social media goes from being a fad and a spam tactic, to being a catalyst for change.

You should pick up the book for more on the specifics of how to use social media in this more meaningful way, but do note that this book was made especially for you to download in iBookstore. However, having the PDF with an open internet connection will be sufficient to click on all the references, plus, interact with a special online comments and discussion section after each chapter. Also, the iBookstore release is forthcoming. A PDF purchase grants you a free iBookstore download, with lifetime free updates.

Many of you know that my primary skill set is social media. For a while, I struggled with bringing that skill within the placemaking realm I wanted to inhabit. Once I heard this vision from Steve, which he’s been working on for quite a while, I knew this is what I had to start doing to make this site and all my social media ventures, better. Also, I ironically am writing this review on a day when I have limited access to the internet and social media. I suggest that you download this book, turn off your wireless connection, grab a pen and paper to record your thoughts for the comment prompts and then make a note of areas where you can especially be better. Also, re-read and re-read. You’ll be seeing a lot of the changes he suggests come into this space and related spaces soon.

Click here to purchase.

  • Thanks so much for the kind words, Kristen! Here’s the link to the book:

  • Kristen, New Media for Designers + Builders has gone live on iTunes: and there’s a Kindle version as well: Anyone who has an iPad should get the iTunes version because the iPad interactive books are far more fun than regular e-books could ever be. Also, please feel free to leave a review there if you like.