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Online Circles

When I first purchased the domain name and started tweeting and later Instagraming as such, I was a curious curator and voracious reader of thought around urban planning, architecture, public health transportation, and other elements that govern how humans create and maintain societies.

Plus,  I was someone starting the process of reconfiguring my Christian faith, decolonizing my thoughts around my ethnicity and nationality and way of making a living and learning my sexuality and gender identity were not as straightforward as I once believed.

And now, in this next season of my work here on The Black Urbanist, I’ve convened three new online learning and sharing spaces to

Divest to Invest

Invest to Empower

Inform to Engage

What do I mean? What group is right for me? Start with this video or scroll past for more details on each group.

Video of Kristen explaining more about each Circle.

Divest to Invest

LGBT2QIA+ Affirming Feminist Urbanist BIPOCs Social Network powered by Mighty Networks.

This is a social network, powered by Mighty Networks, specifically for Black, Indigenous or other colonized/marginalized People of Color. We will come to come together on a social network that is Black-led; friendly, affirming and adoring to all gender and sexual identities (unfortunately Mighty Networks has a character limit and I couldn’t include every letter I wanted in the handle) and affirming and adoring of feminine/women-identites without mysoginy, misogynoir.

I host a weekly call or post a weekly special video message. I’ll be doing a book club, which will start with weekly video messages and calls on books on my Black Queer Feminist Urbanist booklist, and I will offer support, along with your peers and comrades, on workplace issues, community development and maintenance issues and encourage you to rest, practice self care and continue the constant process of unlearning the things and actions that white supremacy has done to us, so we can all be liberated!

What makes this a divest to invest experience? There are not nearly enough spaces like this on the internet and this is setting the bar for spaces dedicated to urbanism and things we’ve always done that White folks have deemed urbanism. I’ve wanted to center myself and those like me in my work for YEARS and I’m taking advantage of this moment, to start building this space up, so our work, for us and by us, can be sustainable for the long-term. I will be shifting some of my attention off of other social networks and other projects, so I can be right here in this group, building up our solidarity. You can too, by joining in the group.

Request an invite here.

Invites will be accepted pending all four questions are answered affirmatively.

This is a free space, but donations are welcome via Patreon (use the newsletters only level), Venmo (Kristen-Jeffers-3) or Cash App ($kjeffers2).

Invest to Empower

The Black Queer Feminist Urbanist Books and Ideas Salon for Allies

As I mentioned in the Curbed article promoting this and other efforts of Black urbanists to reclaim and resassert ourselves in the environment

These circles and networks are just a start to get allies on the path to becoming accomplices and abolitionists throughout their lives…But especially in their land-use and development practices and how we treat each other.

This was an idea I conceived before this recent round of media-publicized Black vigilante and extrajudicial killings and the resulting uprisings/backlashes across the United States. I adore reading, writing, and sharing about how Black folks interact with public and private space. Plus, I wanted to center the Black women, the black womanists/feminists, and lesbian/bi/pan trans women and nonbinary people, who have already given us government policy and everyday life prescriptions. 

What makes this a invest to empower experience? Your $40 (plus sales tax) a month makes it possible for me to run the LGBT2QIA+ Affirming Feminist Urbanist BIPOCs Social Network as a donations requested space and not burden people who are already marginalized with the price of being in solidarity with each other and getting the education and healing they need.

Plus, when we start this journey on July 1st, you’ll be able to join in anytime as we will have video lessons and discussion prompts for the books on my Black Queer Feminist Urbanist booklist, that will start you as a White or non-BIPOC ally to the path of being a helpful, affirming, harm dismantler and and uplifter of Black, Indigenous and other communities of color. You’ll get to hear directly from me as I coach you through this process and you discover for yourselves, that empowering others, empowers you to be a better, stronger, wiser human being.

Register now with a pledge at the $40 level or above using Patreon.

Inform to Engage

How to Communicate in the Modern World: Lecture Series and Master Class on Media Tools and Literacy for Urbanists (POSTPONED UNTIL 2021)

I’ve been a reader and map traveller since I was four, published my first children’s book at six (and won my first writing award the following year) and I wrote in my seventh grade school calendar that I wanted to be a journalist, after years of discussing the news with my parents at the dinner table. Sometimes around barbecue or seafood, because that’s what we eat and do in North Carolina.

I’m also from a long line of educators and it’s been in my blood to teach something and help others master it. When I really started to get into this thing many called urbanism, I recognized it as life. Simply life.

And that’s why I want to create and teach a master class on media literacy and media tools. We can’t do life without it and we certainly shouldn’t continue to build or plan for others, without knowing what’s most important to them and how to talk to them.

How is this an inform to engage experience? Using and understanding media tools and channels is vital for a functioning society. This lecture series and master class will help you as folks in the design and building trades as well as elected, appointed and community leaders master media tools for equity and justice.

Contact me here to learn more about this course and how you or your company can particpate in this course when it launches in 2021.

Kristen Jeffers on Design, Urban Planning, Transportation, Architecture and Life as Black Woman in the Modern World