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CNU 22 Preview: What I Hope to See

TBU at CNU 22-What I Hope To See

Yesterday I told you what you should see at CNU 22. This is what I personally hope to see.

Vigorous NextGen Debate

I’ve just volunteered myself to either do a traditional PK like I did at 2012’s CNU or a debate, on a topic somewhat of my choosing, at our Friday night NextGen gathering. I have fond memories of my very first 2011 presentation and I hope to not only present, but learn from my colleagues as we discuss the issues of the day.

Restaurants that Stick With Me

Madison had Graze and it’s organic cheese curds, West Palm Beach had Greaseburger and its solid gourmet burgers. What restaurant will I eat the most of my meals at just because it’s got a great feel to it? Buffalo is quite famous for its wings, which I love. Who will lure me in because they have the very best set?

The Robert Stern Lecture

Considering how much I’ve read up on Celebration, FL, this was the big selling point for me coming to CNU this year. I’m also interested to see how a conversation on garden cities goes over in a room, where quite a few folks feel like they contribute to sprawl, versus add urbanism to sprawling areas.

The Next American Urbanism

I really hate that I wasn’t in Louisville to help get this effort cranked up. However, I have contributed a chapter to the manifesto that will be presented in part throughout the Congress.

How Black Culture and History Has Shaped Buffalo

Although the site’s title is just stating the obvious (I am black and an urbanist) am looking forward to eating soul food in a northern situation to see if it still stands up to how we eat down south. Maybe that restaurant will be my go-to spot. This link also features several other black history sites that I hope to check out on one of my self-guided tours.

Maybe Niagara Falls….


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