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Don’t Judge the Town by Its Houses

Kelly and Matt's 100 Year Old Apartment-Apartment Therapy


Anyone who loves bungalows, lofts, Craftsmans, live/works, row houses and any other type of pre 1950’s suburbia style homes often learns that in small towns or less hot neighborhoods, they will find their perfect home, but without the big city and hot neighborhood prices. Sometimes, they even luck out on finding a cute hardware store in walking distance or a friendly neighborhood handyman. Or maybe, they’ll just find charm. Like the couple in today’s Apartment Healing., who found their perfect home in downtown Salisbury.

This is Apartment Healing, the Saturday feature of the The Black Urbanist where I talk about my love of interior design. This month, I’ll be spotlighting a few of my favorite home tours from sites such as Apartment Therapy, AprhoChic and others that share my sense of simple, eclectic and transformative style, especially in spaces and places where its un-expected. Before we get back into the meat of the post, just a reminder that The Black Urbanist is powered by Bluehost.  Check them out and they’ll get you started with everything you need about web hosting and blog making. They’ve kept me going right here for the past 4 years and counting.

For those of you not familiar with Salisbury, North Carolina, it’s one of the towns you’ll pass through on Amtrak between my hometown of Greensboro and Charlotte. You’ll drive through it on I-85 and see what feels like every chain suburban store known to man. But if you look to the north, no matter what direction you are driving, you’ll see the courthouse square beckoning on the hill. And you’ll definitely see the downtown on the train. It’s in that downtown, that you’ll find Kelly and Matt’s 100 Year Old Apartment.

Just like the lofts from last week (which are also in a North Carolina downtown near a train station), you get the exposed brick, the old wood floors, the large windows and the rustic charm. You also get stories in this particular Apartment Therapy home tour, stories of a first Christmas, a nice restaurant downstairs, a handyman.

As much as I love city life, I appreciate the rural and suburban ones too.Finding a cute apartment or home in small town or city, that doesn’t break the bank, but has all of the “fancy” trappings and looks like a home on AT from one of the bigger cities, could be exactly what you need for your next home. I think it might work for me. Just make sure there’s a train station.

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