The Black Urbanist Radio Episode 2: CNU Preview and What’s Your Place? with Malcolm Kenton

Episode 2 CNU Preview and Malcolm Kenton

Going to CNU 22? What should you see? What is Kristen looking forward to? Learn the answers to both of those questions on this week’s episode. Plus, Kristen asks newly minted National Association of Railroad Passengers(NARP) Council Member Malcolm Kenton What’s Your [His] Place?

Show Notes

CNU 22 Official Conference Page

CNU Next Gen 11 Schedule.

What You Should See at CNU

What Kristen’s looking forward to seeing at CNU.

National Association of Railroad Passengers homepage.


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I'm Kristen. Almost five years ago, I got tired of not seeing black women as nerded out about trains, better streets, riding bikes, walking not just out of necessity, tall buildings, old buildings and honestly a lot of other things. I was in grad school for community and economic development (ok, it’s actually an MPA), and I wanted to make sure people knew I existed and that I could help them do this thing called placemaking better. Five years later, I’m still doing that, although not from my hometown of Greensboro, NC, but from Kansas City, MO. I spend most of my time in Kansas City promoting better biking and walking infrastructure metro-wide with BikeWalk KC and the Kansas City B-cycle. But I also wrote a book A Black Urbanist (you can grab that over on the right) and sometimes I give speeches and help other communities tell their stories at design charrettes and public meetings. I’ve also written or appeared in all of the major “urbanist” publications, either as a subject or as a writer, as well as most of my hometown papers as subject or writer as well.