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First+Main Media, the Videographers of New Urbanism

One of the best ways to get a taste of what the CNU is like is to watch one of the many videos produced at congresses over the years produced by First+Main Media. I first came in contact with their work when I watched their first episode of American Makeover TV, Sprawlanta. This was back in an era when I’d rather read all my web content than watch it, and it grabbed me in not only as a stellar web video, but a great example of the power of great community building.

I’ve had the pleasure to appear in two of their new urbanism/CNU related videos, these gems done in honor of CNU’s 20th anniversary.

This one’s on Confessions:

And this other is on Dreams:

I missed out on CNU 21 last year, but was psyched to see so many folks excited on this video for this upcoming one.

And finally, an announcement, the New Urbanism Film Festival be showing several films from these guys, along with other great movies on great places on Friday night, starting at  7 p.m. at the Pan American Brewery at the Hotel Lafayette, as part of the NextGen activities. If you are in town, feel free to stop by. And additionally, if you live in Buffalo, you might have seen this gem.

(It’s safe, go ahead and click through to Vimeo)

Co-founder John Paget is a Buffalonian and I’m sure is very excited to have a Congress highlighting his hometown.

Anyway, that’s all folks for this week. Click on the CNU22 tag to keep up with all of our coverage of next week’s CNU22 in Buffalo. We’ll crank coverage back up on Monday with our books to read on the plane or train on the way to Buffalo.

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