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Getting Back to Walking


Not only is balcony time returning to my routine, but so is daily walking. I took great effort to find an apartment close enough to my job to incorporate at least 5 days a week of walking. I was very fortunate that when that job ended, my new one was also in walking distance. However, I fell victim to two things, doing work or looking for work at home and then, despite other times when I would gladly walk in the cold and sometimes the rain and enjoying snow-covered grounds, I opted for my car. Plus, there was a fear that there weren’t enough eyes on the street near my new job, especially during the winter months of a 5:30 sunset and times when working on proposals meant a 6:30 end of day.

Yet now it is spring. My mind, belly and the sunset have told me it’s time to get back to walking and back to walking I did yesterday. It was not without issues, one being minor (lack of walk appeal) and the other being pollen and things that feed on pollen whizzing through the air. Yet, I was good and tired last night, slept well and my head felt clear after the 30 minute roundtrip to and from work and a 10 minute one, with a 20 minute detour to talk to an old colleague I had at lunchtime. I’m looking forward to my further walks this week on the days I’m working, as well as incorporating other reasons to walk. And of course, finishing Walkable City when I’m resting my feet!

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