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Growing Cities, A #Video for Friday May 9

Even though we kinda left you guys hanging for #AudioThursday this week (I’m sure one of you still hasn’t listened to the preview podcast episode yet), trust us, we were busy. In addition to attending the last symphony performance at the soon to be demolished War Memorial Auditorium, we were checking out a new site Urbanful, by our friends at Smart Growth America. Recently launched, Urbanful seeks to be a site connecting smart growth principles to regular people and supporting the work of Smart Growth America and its partners. Look for a very familiar name and face there soon ;).

In the meantime, while browsing Urbanful, I found the trailer for Growing Cities, a film project from two childhood friends who drove around the country, getting a very diverse slice of all the urban farmers and farms across the U.S. They are encouraging groups to sponsor the film and we’ve unfortunately missed the Greensboro showing. Anyway, check out the trailer below and have a wonderful weekend!

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