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Highlights from Transportation Camp DC 2015 (#transpo15)

Bask at our written session board. (Full digital list here)

Session Board, via Stephanie Nguyen

Four-hundred people attended all or part of the day, the largest DC Transportation Camp ever. (Image via TransitScreen)

Big Conference Room by TransitScreen

We voted in a poll using Easy Buttons. (Image via Nicola Ivanov)

Easy Button Poll, by Nickola Ivanov @baronnik

These are the results of that poll.

Results of Easy Button Poll-Via Transporation Camp

Transit rockstars shared their stories. (Image via Brendan Casey)

Transit Rockstars 1 by Brendan Casey

This is an impromptu game of Cards Against Urbanity.


Fellow Streetsbloggers Greater Greater Washington talked how we do what we do and how we can do it better. And here’s their ten best tips at a glance. (Image by Nolan Levenson)

GGW Best Blogging Practices Session via Noah Levenson

We helped our friends in Maryland prepare and succeed with having a Republican governor who is anti-transit, namely the Purple Line. (Image via Ted Van Houten)

How to Survive a Republican Admin, image by Ted Van Hougten

We created our own bike boulevards. (Image by Meghan Makoid)

Bike Boulevard game via Meghan Makoid

And I finally met so many of you in the DC area, as well as from across the world face to face. It was fun! See you again throughout #TRBAM. Look for a daily recap post similar to this on each day I attend sessions.


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