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Housekeeping for May 2014: Podcast, Emails, Events, Etc.

So folks, it’s been a whirlwind of a week here at Kristen Jeffers Media. My day job and writing has kept me going at a marathon pace. So much so, I decided to rest up last night and write a note here about what’s going on with me behind the scenes. Also, if you haven’t been to my full home page, here’s a chance to do just that and get caught up with everything going on around Kristen Jeffers Media (and The Black Urbanist of course). And to make it easy for you, I’ve pasted the letter below. Cheers!


Hi everyone! Welcome to our very first monthly letter for the greater Kristen Jeffers Media community. Some of you are Placebookers. Others of you found me through The Black Urbanist. Many more of you are personal friends, fans and supporters of my writing here and on outside outlets, family who’ve known me since birth and various others. ( I believe the cool kids would call you randoms these days?)

Anyway, with me going a million miles a minute in other forums, I wanted to take some time and write my very first editor/CEO letter to everyone, first as a thank you and second to let you know of events where I will be speaking this summer and how you can stay in touch with us here at Kristen Jeffers Media.

First and foremost, click here to view the homepage if you haven’t already. This is where you can subscribe to receive not only this monthly letter, but all of our other newsletters. Many are a work in progress, so be patient as we get all the lights on and continue to fill out rooms in this bigger, but still empty house.

Next, make plans to join me in Buffalo, NY on June 4-6 as I cover the 22nd Congress for New Urbanism. If you can’t be at CNU in person this year, we will have North Carolina specific coverage on North Carolina Placebook, broader themes coverage on The Black Urbanist (and session live tweeting) at Twitter.com/blackurbanist. Also, some may be syndicated to Sustainable Cities Collective and other outlets.

I will also be the diversity keynote, as well as host a breakout session at the APA Virginia conference  just outside of Charlottesville on Tuesday July 22.

For those of you in Greensboro, I invite you to Scuppernong Books on May 27, for author Ben Ross’s book talk and signing of Dead End:Suburban Sprawl. I highlighted some of Ben’s words in this post, which appeared both on The Black Urbanist and Sustainable Cities Collective.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new The Black Urbanist Radio Show, please check it out at SoundCloud. As we add more episodes, we will move on to iTunes and Sticher. There will also be a stream on The Black Urbanist and a link here on Kristen Jeffers Media.

As always, thanks for reading, thanks for sharing and let’s keep making our communities better together.

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