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Inspiring People: Veronica O. Davis

There are tons of Jills-of-all trades out here. Moms, daughters, sisters, cousins, people juggling a lot of hats and doing it well. You really see that when it comes to blogging. And my first pick for my new Inspiring People Series is just one of many who makes the juggling act look easy and fabulous.

This is Inspiring People, the Sunday feature of the The Black Urbanist where I highlight people in the placemaking space who are inspiring and why they are. Before we get back into the meat of the post, just a reminder that The Black Urbanist is powered by Bluehost.  Check them out and they’ll get you started with everything you need about web hosting and blog making. They’ve kept me going right here for the past 4 years and counting.



I wanted to spotlight my friend and fellow renaissance woman Veronica O. Davis first, because one, she’s awesome and two, this has been a big week of press for her and her activities. There’s my profile of her in Urbanful, which is doing a celebration of 20 people making DC for the next few days. Then there’s this ThinkProgress piece focusing on Black Women Bike, the advocacy group that she and two other black women started which is in its fourth year.  Oh and Mobility Lab, a think-tank in our industry, has given her props lately too.

Another part of me is choosing her this week because I want you to go read the article I wrote and the others above. However, the other side is that she’s of my same generation and she’s doing lots of extraordinary things. She also knows how to have fun and keep a sense of purpose. She’s changing the game in DC for bikes, Wards 7 and 8, small business owners and a host of other groups. Of course, there’s that whole handful of black women placemakers thing, but even that’s becoming an afterthought.  Plus, she reminds me that I have a rusting bike in storage and I need to start building up strength to ride it again. So I can ride it to the next time we have a DC brunch.

Anyway, look for more extraordinary men and women on Sunday’s here on The Black Urbanist. In the meantime, other places you can find Veronica online:

Veronica’s Twitter

Veronica’s website

Black Women Bike DC website.

NspireGreen, her company.

Her poetry book.

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