The Black Urbanist Radio Episode 2: CNU Preview and What’s Your Place? with Malcolm Kenton

Going to CNU 22? What should you see? What is Kristen looking forward to? Learn the answers to both of those questions on this week’s episode. Plus, Kristen asks newly minted National Association of Railroad Passengers(NARP) Council Member Malcolm Kenton What’s Your [His] Place? Show Notes CNU 22 Official Conference Page CNU Next Gen 11 […]

Design Can’t Save Us, but We Can Save Through Design. A #CNU20 Reflection

It’s been roughly 48 hours since the last session at CNU 20 and I’ve been home about 24 of those hours with a sore throat and bruised heels from all the great debates, ideas, dances, food and fellowship that I encountered at the Congress. There were so many diverse viewpoints this year that it has […]

Updates and Annoucements from #CNU20-Open Source, Panels, Articles, Etc.

Hey everyone. Hope you are having a great time at #CNU20 First of all, check out my travel story at Next American City. Then, be sure to follow me @blackurbanist on Twitter and Instagram for live tweets and shots. Tomorrow (Saturday), I’m presenting twice on the Civic Inferiority Complex. First at approximately 11:44 AM on […]

Towards a Cultural Urbanism- CNU 19 NextGen Panel Preview

On April 18th  I happened upon this post-on popular urbanist blog Greater Greater Washington. The author in my opinion just wanted to get people talking about solutions to the problems DC residents are facing with the loss of the Chocolate City identity. It made me think back to when I published my article in Grist […]

How Do You Define Your City? And Does Your City Define Itself In the Same Way?

When I go home to Greensboro, this is what’s around the corner. My little edge city. (Image from a YouTube screenshot). My whole writing existence, at least at this blog and a little bit at my one just before that, has been making sense and defining the cities I’ve lived in, against how they, and […]


Once upon a time, there was a The Black Urbanist Radio Show. I did a preview episode, a rant on retail and an interview with one of my fellow rail loving friends and talked about CNU. But then life happened and things went silent. I even recorded some new copy for a new episode, but […]

On a Woman and Her Bikes

Anyone who’s owned at least one bike, even if it was just a tri-cycle, has a story. As I’ve added to my fleet recently, here’s my story. It was Christmas of 1988. I can’t spell out any other details, but there’s photographic evidence,  snapped by a parent of mine really being geeked out by my third Christmas. […]