If You Are Using this Blog To Justify Displacement–STOP.

As we pass another Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and as I prepare to launch something to help us tell stories better, a small, but necessary rant. Yes, I’m a card-carrying new urbanist. I love pretty buildings, bike lanes, fancy hipster crafts, and restaurants. Yet, I’m still a black American young woman, who is tenuously […]

My Placemaking Wishes for 2015

Happy New Year folks! I’m posting this with about 12 hours to go on the East Coast, but I believe we’ll make it just in time. And as always at year’s end, I am here with a few things that I hope all of us placemakers and citizens can see in 2015: Truly Open Streets […]

Inspiring People: Mitchell Silver, Commissioner of the New York Parks Department

  You know how you admire someone’s work from afar for years, hear all kinds of wonderful things about them, meet them once, and twice and over and over, and continue to learn more? That’s how I feel about the inspiring person I’ve chosen for this week, Mitchell Sliver, FAICP, Commissioner of the New York […]

A Gathering of Leaders-A #ThrowbackThursday Reflection

This week I attended with my mayor, several other councilpeople, local foundation leaders and other civic and educational leaders this year’s CEOs for Cities National Meeting in Nashville. That experience took me back to this moment: This is my first major panel session, at CNU 19 in Madison, Wisconsin in 2014. I organized this group and […]

First+Main Media, the Videographers of New Urbanism

One of the best ways to get a taste of what the CNU is like is to watch one of the many videos produced at congresses over the years produced by First+Main Media. I first came in contact with their work when I watched their first episode of American Makeover TV, Sprawlanta. This was back […]

Why I Love Conferences

It is that time of year again when many of us who blog and write and speak gather at industry conferences. Or is it always that time of year? Back in the day, maybe you went to your state American Planning Association (APA) conference or the big national one.  Architects had AIA or NOMA or maybe […]


Hello, I’m Kristen Jeffers. I write about place. I love great places. I am Black. I am Urban. I am an Urbanist. My (late) dad was a key influence in me being interested in the city. We used to bike around our working-class neighborhood, walk to the neighborhood ballpark and go downtown to all the […]

The Death and Life of Malls, a Video Friday Reflection.

So we’ve spent all week talking about the nature of retail. Yet, today’s videos represent how much retail is a cycle, where America has led the way in sprawl, yet is now realizing why it’s not such a good idea. The first video is a montage of America’s dead malls, with voiceover that directly addresses […]