Photospiration: The Lincoln National Building in Downtown Greensboro

If I had to pick one building to cite as my inspiration to write about cities, it’s the one above. For those of you who read this story, you know that the one thing I missed the most when sick with the chicken pox was the site of this building. All I had to do as a child was get on my bike and ride up to the corner, push down my kickstand, and there it was, shining in pure glory.

The photo above was taken a few months ago. I can’t remember exactly where I was going. My many community activities bring me to Downtown Greensboro often. I do know that I had a few extra moments alone and decided to shoot a few photos. I’m a block south, the International Civil Rights Museum is to my immediate right outside the frame. Governmental Plaza is on the left.

There’s nothing like 28 stories to overwhelm someone on the ground. You may look at that number and laugh. It’s ok, I’ve been to New York, I know that number is a drop in the pan. However, one must stop and think about the feat of putting homes, offices, schools, stores and the like in sequence one after another, nearly as high as the sky.

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