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Placebook: How Do You Make Your Moves?

U-Haul at Storage Unit. Photo by Kristen E. Jeffers

When it’s time to pack up your things and move from one place to another, how do you do it? Do you just throw your things in random boxes and bins? Do you take the time to get decent boxes and bins and label them. Do you do like I’ve traditionally done and get a moving truck and a few able-bodied family members and friends? Do you pile everything on pickup trucks and the back of slightly too tiny cars? Do you even move your stuff at all? The dumpster and the local thrift shop are your friend, as everything gets dumped to them.

Well, this isn’t a physical move per se, but as I announced yesterday, we are getting a bigger house here at The Black Urbanist and Placebook. North Carolina Placebook will allow me to add coverage of placemaking issues statewide, and make this space here my own special office and playroom where I discuss issues of personal significance and the kind of news that doesn’t necessarily make you shell out subscription fees. Plus with more room comes more opportunities for parties, for party guests and of course rooms dedicated to issues you and I both hold dear. This move isn’t easy, but so far, it’s going pretty smoothly. In fact, why don’t you head over there now and check out today’s news, in its new format. (And if you can’t change websites just yet, news is right here too, after a word from our sponsors)

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Greensboro is not allowed to have its own utility tree-trimming regulations, per the state utilities commission.

The impact of the new statewide tax on entertainment on Greensboro cultural and entertainment venues.

Kohls is coming to Eden, while Staples may close some North Carolina stores.

If you have $800, you can buy a shoe named after Greensboro.

State Senator Marty Nesbitt died of stomach cancer.

The state approves Forsyth County’s early voting plan.

The makers of Texas Pete hot sauce may move their corporate headquarters into downtown Winston-Salem and are sponsoring the long-running Rock the Bock festival, changing it’s name to the Texas Pete festival.

Fayetteville is set to break ground on the conversion of its Mayfair Mall from an enclosed to an open air shopping district.

A longtime Cary community watchdog has died.

Cary is planning a new downtown park and citizens are asking for a new ramp at the current skate park.

Durham architectural firm The Freelon Group has been acquired by Perkins+Will, a multinational architectural firm.

Crime has risen in Durham.

Charlotte City Council has restarted their Friday morning coffee meetings with citizens.

This artist’s bookmobile plans a stop in Asheville.

Asheville’s Highland Brewery is expanding.

You can now fly from Asheville to Palm Beach, FL.

What the New York Times thinks you should do in Raleigh if you only have 36 hours.

Around the Nation and World: A town where everyone talks about death, a new video game allows you to build your own subway system, and maps that should outrage us as Southerners and a map that has Charlotte as part of the 50% of the US economy powered by major cities.

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