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Placebook: Kinda Snowy Now


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Last night those of us in Greensboro  got our first honest dusting of the year.  It caused some accidents, including one that some folks’ s power blink and others go out for several hours. It’s also very cold again, but that’s not really news since it’s the middle of winter. What follows is news:

First, around the Triad area:

Greensboro has a new city manager already…Everything else that happened at council and going on in Greensboro politics this week via the #gsopol hashtag…What happened at  Winston-Salem  council last night.  PTI Airport will get more flights to New York…several prominent names are no longer on the Downtown Greensboro, Inc. board… A short profile of the two newest businesses in downtown Greensboro and a new development in downtown Winston-Salem…parents a Greensboro school are concerned with its namesake…and finally for the Triad roundup, Rockingham County officials pull the polls out of their schools, citing safety issues.

Elsewhere around the nation and world:

Check out the photo gallery of the DC Streetcar, as it makes its official arrival. Also, MinnPost details why buses can make too many stops.

Could Spartanburg, SC be your next business opportunity?

MLK Memorial in DC already a place for current protests, this time, postal workers using their day off to protest wage and safety issues.

London could use a boost in residential space from repurposing high-rises that never really took off. Also in London, ten years of Tube ridership on one map.
NPR to do a special series focusing on the impact of Latinos in America.
Bixi Bikeshare, the Montreal service which helped with the development of services in NYC, DC and Chicago, is officially bankrupt.
And finally two  great essays. One on how highways were wedged into towns and continue to bankrupt many as they become more and more expensive to maintain and the other on the positive benefits of a less drivable and more walkable culture, especially with the advent of new technology.

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