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Placebook: Paper or Plastic?

Deep Roots Grocery in Greensboro. Image Credit Kristen Jeffers

Deep Roots Grocery in Greensboro. Image Credit Kristen Jeffers

Hey there! I hope you had an excellent weekend. I wrote, watched some of the Panthers loss, finally watched the film Love Actually, and saw all the Amtrak trains come by. Good weekend all around. My daily shoutout goes to a fellow CNU(Congress for New Urbanism) Next Gen-er, Glen Kellogg, who is bringing grocery back to Rochester, NY via his development company. I especially like that the store will have a broader mix of products, not just organic and not just low-end either. Learn more about his new store by watching this interview.

One of the best “white-gentrifier in Detroit” stories, in which you feel like the subject actually cares about his house, his actual neighbors and even admits that he was once naive in his intentions.
Winston-Salem is putting poems on buses and you can submit yours for consideration. San Francisco is charging the Google commuter buses to stop at its city bus stops. However, could this start a bad trend of pay-to-play (err, park) at bus stops nationwide?
 This article about creatives leaving New York is beating a now dead horse, but this Washington Monthly article, along with the teaser from The Atlantic Cities place a gentle reminder on folks that people always follow the money and wealth, no matter where it is, unless costs just can’t be made up by moving.
Uber can be great and Uber can be bad. No surprises to anyone who’s used the car-sharing service before.
 A year on the DC Metro in photographs. DCist talks to  Politico Pro‘s defense editor Philip Ewing, the man behind the lens.
If you are in this these cities, then you can complain about being cold.
Free house, as long as if you pay to move it.
No subways for you, row house neighborhoods in DC. However, there are plenty of higher homeowners association fees for DC metro residents.
The full Governing article on the little blue walking dots, with more analysis on who walks and why.
Starbucks embraces local design motifs in Mexico City, New Orleans and other future stores.
12% of mortgages in the Greensboro-High Point metro area “seriously underwater.”
Airlines are finally buying new planes and replacing older, less stable ones.
And finally, the latest in the Richmond, CA eminent domain saga.

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