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Placebook: Shelter Please, Because It’s Too Cold for the Polar Bears Too

Batman and well, nanas waiting at a bus stop. H/T to one of my Facebook friends for posting a version of this image.

Good Wednesday morning folks. For those of you in Greensboro, I’m looking forward to seeing you at either Nancy Hoffmann‘s office hours at Scuppermong Books or at SynerG on Tap at Natty Greene’s. Office hours start at 6 and the happy hour starts at 5:30.

In addition, before I get into the rest of the news links, I want to commend the efforts of our mayor, our shelters, the churches, the GPD and others who have worked diligently to make sure no one has to sleep in  a home with no heat or on the streets on these frigid nights. Here’s a Time Warner Cable News video about efforts at the Interactive Resource Center specifically to keep people warm.

I also want to congratulate our outgoing city manager Denise Turner-Roth, appointed by President Obama as the deputy administrator of the General Services Administration, which is responsible for all maintenance of federal buildings,  preservation of historic properties and government purchasing. I only wish I’d gotten to know Denise better during her time here in the city and greatly admired her work as assistant, acting, and full city manager for the City of Greensboro. I wish her well and will miss her. I also hope the city finds someone just as skilled and worthy to keep us moving in the right direction. The city council at their meeting last evening appointed Assistant City Manager Jim Westmoreland as acting city manager, effective February 1.

Final shoutout of the morning goes to my friend Tony Reames for co-authoring his first journal article :
Social Capital and Longitudinal Change in Sustainability Plans and Policies: U.S. Cities from 2000 to 2010

And with that, here’s the rest of the news I think is fit to read this morning:

Everything else that happened at the Greensboro City Council meeting last night.

As I mentioned in the title, it’s too cold for the polar bear at the Chicago Zoo.

Portland allowed homes just outside their growth boundary, but failed to provide necessary public services to said homes.

People in the East Village of Manhattan are trying to keep a beloved newsstand alive, despite pressure from gentrification and higher fees that may push the operator out of business.

The public transit tax cut hurts all commuters

The New York MetroCard is 20

Londoners have nicknamed their new skyscrapers after foods, kitchen tools and a stealth bomber.
Mayor DeBlasio had an open house and this is what it was like. He is also called upon to continue the growth of Silicon Alley, which although smaller, is more diverse in terms of people and locations throughout the region.
Troubles continue with the California high-speed train.

A new study highlights how urban poor, namely black poor often inherit their poverty and the feeling of being stuck in place. In Vancouver, the feeling that mixed neighborhoods cause more trouble than their worth.

Jay-Z at his show  in Greensboro on Sunday night gave a 12-year-old a chance to spit some bars.
And finally, be a part of a new storefront art installation, run by the Open Arts Society in Downtown Greensboro.

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