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Placebook: Snow and Everything Else


I am thankful for the decision to work remotely, to stock up on my favorite foods and to write this post to warn folks of weird weather times. Of course, I saw a lot of the last point on that list yesterday.

This is a special snow and sleet-covered edition of Placebook, live from the middle of the storm. In fact, because we are in storm conditions, the roundups are going to be a bit different this morning. I give you Snow and Everything Else.


Yes, cars in Raleigh caught on fire. I’ll admit, just like Slate has said, that we are a mess (but so are most of the states on the East Coast). And people did camp out at Southpoint Mall. I did have several Facebook friends in this state who were walking home after leaving their cars, or getting their cars home after commutes of  minutes became commutes of an hour or more. I know of at least one accident and marveled at the 100 in Greensboro alone within one hour (scroll down, this is the running post of snow coverage in Greensboro). However, everyone I know is safe, people were fed and clothed and people were generous.  For that, I commend you. Please continue to exercise  safety and caution, and look at these pretty pictures! Play this game  when you watch the TV coverage of the snow/ice/sleet event.  Call the power company and go to a shelter if you have to.  Otherwise, just stay home.

Everything Else

A man spent 28 hours on a bus by choice and he loved it.

Somebody else asks why poor people can’t have nice things, namely nice stores.

How to become a shareable city.

A dose of railroad-related Black history.

He’s not a player and now posthumously, he has own street he can cross.

An electric car especially for wheelchair users.

And lastly, touchscreen Subway and Metro-North maps in NYC.

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