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Placebook: Snow Crazed, Still Here

So yeah, this happened yesterday. 


If you read the blog before noon, you’ll note that I had a note about the State of the Union last night. However, that speech would never be able to capture my shock at what has happened in Atlanta and Birmingham thanks to the storm. The Atlantic has a great analysis of the politics of the situation, from an Atlanta-area resident. Gawker started out making fun of the situation, but now has pictures of people taking shelter in drug stores and other 24 hour establishments. Kids are stuck in schools. I’ve had a number of people on my Facebook timeline with stories of either being stuck at work, abandoning cars or it taking them hours to get home, if they are home. If you want to follow what’s going on down there, here are direct links to WSB-TV and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Oh, and there’s snow in Myrtle Beach. Please be safe as you get home, go to work, or do whatever you absolutely need to do today in areas where the snow has driven you crazy.

I have more thoughts on this,  but for now, news of note on NC and the rest of the nation.

NC News Round-up

The Governor has declared a state of emergency due to the winter weather we saw yesterday.

Our jobless rate is going down, and those who file unemployment will now be required to go into an office to claim benefits for the first time.

A new hotel could be coming to Downtown Raleigh.

Charlotte is on this list of the most affordable cities in the world

Durham and Greensboro, followed by Raleigh, Charlotte and Winston-Salem have the highest Walk-Scores in the state. none of these are anywhere near not being car-dependent. 

National Roundup

Chicago wants to turn an entire neighborhood into a national park.

Cleveland wants to turn vacant lots into pop-up libraries, but using the settings of different books as themes for the spaces.

NYC is going after jaywalkers more aggressively.

Famous metro maps as Super Mario Brothers games

What’s possible if you commit to turning a strip mall into a real neighborhood.

How to see wildlife in an urban setting in the snow.

Detroit’s new downtown apartments are pricing out everyone but the rich.



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