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Placebook: Spring Today, Winter Tomorrow, Summer Next Week and Fall?


After the eventful day we had yesterday, I felt like I needed to remind folks what is proper to do when weird weather comes around.  Please pass that PSA around to folks, because we are not out of the woods yet for extreme cold, extreme heat, snow, ice, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and anything else that combines tragedy and nature. And with that, let’s get into some news for today.

NC News Round-up

A man jumped off the Marriott parking deck in Downtown Greensboro

GTA is short 2 million dollars. Meanwhile a man was robbed at the bus stop.

City of Greensboro still working on financing for the STPAC.

A profile of the new interim (independent) citizens police review board in Greensboro and also the details on the latest movements with the Renaissance Co-op and shopping center.

A train hit a tractor-trailer in Colfax, just west of Greensboro. No one was hurt.

Kroger now officially owns Harris Teeter.

These photos of Dix Hill remind me of the fact I never got to sled as a student in Raleigh. The one snow may have snarled traffic, but it cleared up before I could get back outside to play.

Oh, it’s funny, that Onion article about Charlotte, but it’s also so true.

Person County (just above Durham) will be receiving funds and technical assistance from Smart Growth America.

Students at Davidson College are aiming for zero waste at athletic events.

National and World News Round-Up

Aaron Renn makes a compelling argument that Houston’s had a bad rap in the media for no reason, as it has a lot of the qualities we want in a city, despite no zoning restrictions.

Free transit seems to be a win-win for both the government and citizens of Tallin, Estonia.

Die-hard bike commuters report no problems with getting around in the snow, in NYC and in ATL.

Several California cities are running out of water.

Why the Greater Greater Washington crew lives exactly where they do in the region. Like most of us, it’s a pretty personal decision where exactly to live.

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