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Placebook: To City, With Love


As we celebrate the concept of love today, I figured it would be as good of time as any to talk about what it is I love about cities. There are things I like about all versions of the built environment and I do actually love my hometown. More on those things later. So what is it about the city that makes my heart giggle and my spirit fly high?

First, it’s the transportation networks. If I fly somewhere, and I’m stuck, there’s plenty of activities to do, especially if I bring my own books and find proper electrical outlets, which most of the big city airports have in abundance. Big cities have public train transit. In those places, I can zip all around the city and not have to worry about trying to propel myself. Where there’s not a train, there are buses that come within 10-15 minutes, taxis that zoom by and pick you up or bike-shares that give you at least one more option than your foot. However, walking’s not that bad, especially to catch real life , non-toursity sites, that you can hop up on and make yourself at home.

Second, it’s the cultural outlets. The libraries, the plays, the random drummers and sax players on the street, the random stuff period. For someone who loves arts and culture, cities are a constant laboratory and paradise. I have found things like this in smaller towns too, but cities have the maximum amount of different cultures and expressions of art.

Finally, it’s the food. There are so many kinds of food in cities.I really doubt that people who move around a lot get homesick if they land in a big city with a robust food climate. I’m also grateful for the food truck revolution. Before you just had hot dog stands. Now, people who can cook, but can’t necessarily hold down a full restaurant can get their head in the food game.

That’s just a small sample of why I love cities, but these are the main ones. Stay tuned for my thoughts on why I love my hometown, and why I love the country and yes, I even have some suburban love up my sleeve. For now, the news:

The News Roundup

Updates on the snow/ice spectacular. Why air travel is so bad when bad weather hits. And the real story behind the exploded car in Raleigh.

PTI Airport is now considering a freight rail access plan for future major manufacturing facility bids.

The best cities to find love, including Raleigh and Charlotte.

The federal government is investigating the coal ash spill.

Another young “town president” finds success, this time in Jersey.

Pittsburgh has conquered the old guard in its city government.

Cleveland is still in that process.

Atlanta’s losing 50% of Georgia Tech graduates to other places.

Detroit’s mayor is already doing well.

What the Oregon DOT gets right. NC DOT is making projects available 12 months ahead of schedule for contractors.

Libraries aren’t going extinct.

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