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Watching my NC State Wolfpack at a mid-day Quarterfinal Game in 2013. Sometimes, this is a workday.

Watching my NC State Wolfpack at a mid-day Quarterfinal Game in 2013. Sometimes, this is a workday.

There’s this thing that grips Greensboro every March and it’s called Tournament Town. Banners are posted along light posts downtown and down the side of the coliseum, whether we are actually hosting an ACC Tournament. In recent years, we’ve also had NCAA first and second round games and of course the ACC lore speaks of men’s tournaments turned epic and national champions rendered speechless in defeat. Oh and depending on the weather and the games, an actual town of sorts sprouts in the parking lot of the Coliseum. Oh and just like the poster above, we’ve modified it for other sports, but it really rings true for basketball.

However, the first whispers that happened when the ACC  began to expand was that we would no longer be prime real estate for the men’s tournament. Women’s yes, but sadly women’s basketball is just recognizing its potential, at least among the media hype set. Those of us who go to games enjoy them and know their intensity, but the world doesn’t look our way in the same way they do when the men’s tournament is in town. (Also, you can get food in a decent amount of time at Stameys, just sayin’).

Our fears were confined once again when news broke of a Barclays Center tournament in 2017 and a Verizon Center one in 2016, both of course very neutral, but also in the two major East Coast metropolitan areas. For a small city that is very concerned with our reputation and our economic recovery and status, this could mean doom. Also the conference is headquartered in Greensboro and began at the Sedgefield Country Club, just outside the city.We also spent money to put an ACC museum in at the coliseum. Or, it could just mean that for a couple of years, the women get a chance to shine on their own and show us just as much good basketball. (And for those of you looking for dunks, I saw very few this year in the men’s tournament, you aren’t missing much).

So as we fill our brackets this year and hope our Cinderellas and Diaper Dandies and favorite mascots make things happen, we will continue and hope that we can at least have basketball stay ours one more year. And with that, your daily news roundup:

ICYMI: My thoughts on where Trader Joe’s, if they consider Greensboro again, could go. Also, the Hobbs-Friendly property rezoning request has been withdrawn.

The Greensboro City Council Agenda for Tuesday night. Congrats to Mayor Vaughn (and the rest of the council) on their first 100 days in office.

Introducing the Creamery, a new ice cream and burger spot in downtown Greensboro.

How historic preservation tax credits have boosted the economy in Guilford County.

According to Trulia, Raleigh has one of the lowest rates of income inequality in the country.

Now the Cape Fear River could have some dirty water, courtesy of Duke Energy.

More on Bertie County’s If You Built It documentary and project.

More people are recycling in Forsyth County.

Another historic house could go to the wrecking ball due to failure to comply with minimum housing standards, this time in Winston-Salem.

Wilmington city leaders are moving community meetings to bars and restaurants.

Pender County turkey farmers and the county commissioners are debating over the tax rates on land rendered useless by the closing of processing facilities in the county.

Greenville community members came together on Saturday to review the Tar River Legacy Plan. Greenville is also wrestling with rental properties and new rules to govern them.

Why the citizens of Tabor City are celebrating a tree.

Pinehurst residents and business owners are warming to a high-end development on a controversial property.

North Carolina’s got snowy owls too and they are showing up on the Outer Banks.

The Winston-Salem city-sponsored gun buyback programs have been successful.

Several Charlotte-area charter schools are violating the Open Meetings Law.

Why the Asheville abortion clinic closed.

A community forum will be held today on Asheville water service.

Asheville artists came together on a mural at the Asheville Boys and Girls Club.

And finally, The state has yet to start work on a sea-level change prediction that’s due next year.

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