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Placebook: Upside Down City

upside down-April FoolsSo this is what I woke up to this morning. Happy April Fools right? The city is upside down!!!!

You know I’m kidding, but I want to be serious for a moment. There are a lot of cities that are upside down financially, spiritually and even physically. Physically, they look more fallen in, but that is still bad. Things are out of order. There are poverty and per capita income numbers that you wish were jokes, but they aren’t. Schools are failing. Youth of age are leaving. Companies aren’t coming any more and the ones that were there are shutting down. People have sicknesses that just don’t happen in cities that are right-side up.

Can these cities be turned right side up? Only time will tell. But today, despite all the jokes and tricks, I’m going to have faith in all the upside down cities.

And now, your very real news:

Greensboro City Council meets tonight at 5:30. More details here.

The Guilford County Department of Social Service director resigned, after fixing a backlog of food stamp applications that almost cost the state 88 million in federal money. However, there were other pieces of this backlog that weren’t fixed that may cost the state the funds after all.

The DOT is considering taxing North Carolina drivers by miles driven. It could raise the DOT $465 million.

A Moral Monday town hall meeting was held in Eden over the coal ash spill.

A meeting yesterday between Greensboro City Council officials and the civil rights museum was heated.

The infamous Greensboro billboard has struck again, this time making fun of Charlotte’s ex mayor.

Moving downtown? how about throwing a parade like this company did in Winston-Salem.

The latest quasi-secret “Project”? Project Foresight, which will be somewhere between High Point and Kernersville and be some sort of warehouse.

All of us baseball fans greeted Opening Day with a lively play ball yesterday; when the Greensboro Grasshoppers step to the mound on Thursday, it will be their tenth season in their downtown ballpark.

Winston-Salem City Council has decided to consider putting a $175 million bond issue on the ballot in the fall. They will also vote on April 7 about the funding arrangement between them and their minor-league baseball team, the Dash.

Charlotte City Council has postponed their vote to replace the mayor.

The EPA has slammed the DENR over the terms of their deal for Duke Energy to settle the Dan River coal ash spill.

Although approved by city leaders, the I-26 connector in Asheville has not been funded yet. One possible scenario.

Asheville City Schools are interviewing finalists for their next superintendent.

Five reasons that Wilmington may not have outlet malls.

What Wilmington officials are doing to curb gang violence.

The Wilmington Housing Authority will miss a $1.15 million dollar deadline to pay on a piece of land that has languished in their care for years.

The Fayetteville City Council has ordered sewer access  expanded by 100 homes. Cumberland County officials are asking for help from those with arsenic in their septic systems to develop a solution.

A food truck in Lumber Bridge must move, since he is on state property. However, it’s also the busiest intersection in the town.

And finally, downtown Raleigh restaurants are upset that a weekly food truck rodeo is not taking a break for Mother’s Day.

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