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Placebook: You Moved Away, but I Didn’t Move You Out of My Heart


So what brought me to the neighborhood doppelgänger over the weekend was the chance to hang out with some old college friends. Just a few years ago, we all lived in the same complex of buildings, then we all spread out to either the campus apartments, or stayed put in the old buildings (me). I resented the fact that all but myself stayed on that side of campus,  I felt like they were moving away from me. Likewise, when I moved back to Greensboro, I felt like I was saying a final farewell to all my Raleigh and Durham friends.

Yet, I was just watching the episode of How I Met Your Mother, where, <SPOILER ALERT> Marshall and Lilly move to the suburbs and the rest of the gang feels lost. At the end of the episode, they all realized that the booth is where all five of them are, no matter where that is. </SPOILER>

And  I take that sentiment myself, home and community is where my friends are, no matter if on that particular day is on a Skype chat or I’m sitting around the dinner table, laughing at Super Bowl commercials or learning more about family members when they were young. As we celebrate love here on the page this month, take the time to think about family and friends that you love, despite the fact that they didn’t come with you to the suburbs or they refuse to finally get their driver’s license or they drive a minivan now or even when they have to move into an assisted living, because they can no longer make sure all the family gathers around the kitchen table at Christmas. When it comes to people, the sense of place is portable.

Oh and make sure you check out today’s news and views below:

NC Roundup

Our hometown PGA tournament, the Wyndham Championship, will turn 75 this year.

Bloomingdales may make their first North Carolina appearance at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte.

The governor made an announcement about teacher salaries yesterday. Well, some teacher’s salaries.

It did snow here yesterday, it might snow today, but tomorrow, there may be blizzard.

The Greensboro zoning commission votes 8-1 to allow Trader Joes to build on the land near Friendly Center. Now the issue will go before council.

Election filing started today throughout the state. Good luck to all candidates. One familiar East Greensboro candidate jumps in the county commissioners race.

US and World Roundup

It was bound to happen one day, the Dumb Starbucks spoof opens in LA with free coffee for its first two days.

Speaking of spoofs, friend of the blog Scott Doyon came up with these awesome ones to drive people away with the awesomeness of the city of Decatur, GA.

This set of GIFs highlights three cities with inadequate transit and they have robust networks. Why these GIFs make the case for better transit for those with disabilities. Meanwhile, this London Tube station is actually an urban farm.

The differences between planners with Anglo-Saxon roots and those with Latin roots, as written by a planner from the UK.

Why it will take more than produce to cure food deserts.

What New Orleans will look like after its water project is finished.

Aren’t we overdue for free municipal wi-fi?

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