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Yes Weekly, January 1, 2014
YES! Weekly Essay Contest Winner: The Harvest of Our Future

News & Record, August 11, 2013
Center city attracts the rich, the young and the homeless

HuffPost Live, July 22, 2013
Race & Curfews

The Atlantic Cities, Jul 17, 2013 With a New Curfew, Is Downtown Greensboro Telling Young Black People to Stay Away?

Urbanism Speakeasy, March 25, 2013, Placemaking with The Black Urbanist, Kristen Jeffers

Red and White for Life, November 7, 2012- Kristen Jeffers uses blog to expand on idea of community

DCentric, July 18, 2011-In Your Words: New York Times Tackles D.C.’s Gentrification

Alahkbar English, September 19, 2011-Visions of Democarcy: From Tahrir Sqaure to North Carolina

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