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#AudioThursday: The Black Urbanist Radio Show Preview Episode

Preview Episode


So last Thursday I promised audio when I’m not podcasting and podcasting when I am. So here’s what I’m calling my preview episode of my second round of podcasting. This time, we’re calling ourselves The Black Urbanist Radio Show and we have at least two and possibly more features that you are going to love to share and hear. Plus, we will be coming to iTunes and Stitcher in the coming weeks, but for now, follow me through SoundCloud just like before or click the play button below:

For those of you who need references to the posts discussed in TL:DR, here are direct links to my posts on DIY sprawl repair, holding leaders accountable for sprawl and for the powers to be to allow people to gentrify/develop/grow in place on their own. Oh and words. Lots of words.

Also, be patient with me as I work out sound quality, audio transitions and pronouncing things right. I’m excited to crank this back up again and I hope you will enjoy and share far and wide.

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