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Senior Walking: A #Video Friday Reflection

So I joined the senior gym in Greensboro on Monday. When I’m home, I aim to work out there a few times a week and I even did beginners Zumba! My mom’s really enjoyed the community she’s found there and I’m happy that I have an inexpensive (and only after 5) option to get myself in better shape.

This is Video Friday and it’s the Friday series on The Black Urbanist. It’s my way of thanking you for hanging with me this week, by giving you something to watch instead of read. It’s also the holiday season and I’m sure you are either hosting all your family or you are getting ready to be one of those poor souls invading the airports and train stations and roads that the news always talks about on holidays. Take some stress out of your trip by using Expedia to book a good deal on your flight, rental car, hotel or all three. Click here  for more information and know that your purchase will support The Black Urbanist and help me keep writing! 

In that spirit, we have partnered with KCET’s City Walk. City Walk is a series of videos showcasing how people walk in their cities. This week we highlight a group of senior mall walkers in the Hillcrest Heights area of Maryland, just outside of DC. The video is here:

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.34.49 AM

This post is part of my participation in #NaBloPoMo, the time of the year when bloggers come together to pump out daily content and connect. Find out more about that project and how I’m participating, here and here.

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