Smart Growth and Urban Design Conversations Coming to North Carolina

Charlotte at night, home of this week's New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

This week, Charlotte will be hosting the New Partners for Smart Growth conference from Thursday through Saturday. I plan on spending Friday at the conference learning about efforts North Carolina and other states are taking to make its streets complete, involve schools in smart growth planning, engage rural communities and further environmental justice issues.

On Saturday February 12th, I will be attending Day 2 of the NC State Univeristy College of Design’s Urban Design Conference. Presented in coordination with the City of Raleigh Urban Design Center, the conference will focus on the theme: Sustainable Suburbs, Re-Imagining the Inner Ring. I feel this is a perfect topic, as Raleigh is rapidly suburbanizing and not in a good way. However, I am looking forward to hearing how City of Raleigh leaders are addressing the situation through identifying areas that can be re-developed in a more urban pattern. Also, Ellen Dunham-Jones, who co-authored Retrofitting Suburbia, will be speaking again on her work. Check out her TED talk here.

Registration is still  open for this conference, click here for more information.

Also, if you will be in town for either of these conferences, please let me know so we can connect. For those of you who cannot make it, look in this space in the upcoming days for conference recaps and pictures.