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So We Made It to CNU22…

Good morning folks. After a half day of work, I began to embark on my adventure of traveling to Buffalo for CNU22. Here’s how I bid farewell to Greensboro.


And a stop with my brother/cousin at the airport Natty Greenes, which is only really one of the house microbrews and the standard airport bar/grill menu. But they do have a nice pic of the old Greensboro namesake himself.


Making sure the  flight is on time. We were psyched out earlier by a flight going to Buffalo that appeared to be directly from Greensboro. Unfortunately it was a service plane that was legally required to post on the departure board.




…it was off to Detroit for the first leg of the flight. I walked through the colored tunnel between terminals, and then realized I was right at my gate. This unfortunately meant that there was no ride on the airport train.


I also decided against a novelty trip to the nearby Spanx store. After charging electronics and witnessing a robin flying through the terminal rafters (no pictures, it was flying too fast), I got seated on my plane next to this and a nice tour guide from Germany. (He sat at the window).


Upon arriving in Buffalo, I was greeted by this sign.


And reminded that there are two Queen Cities in America. (Charlotte beg to differ).


So now that the travel is done (thanks also to the Lyft driver Kris who was very willing to chat me up about Olmsted designing the city and even getting rid of the waterfront freeway on the way downtown), let’s talk about activities at today’s CNU. Here’s a link to the complete schedule today:


I will be attending and live tweeting the opening plenary session with Ken Greenburg, then immediately following, joining my colleagues in NextGen for our annual pub crawl. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to exploring a few of the touristy things here in the city and of course taking pictures along the way.

Depending on the conditions and the behavior of my phone, you may see things here first or Twitter or Instagram. Follow me @blackurbanist regardless, to make sure you stay in the know.

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