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Support The Black Urbanist in the Knight News Challenge

Readers , Family and  Friends:

As I wrote a few weeks ago, I want to expand the reach of this site. I believe there are many voices in placemaking, community development and cultural awarness that need to be heard together.   The recent neighborhood shooting in Florida and the rising gas prices make this type of commentary even more vital to everyday Americans.

I hope to use funding provided by the Knight News Challenge to bring all online voices engaged in placemaking side by side with voices who empower various cultures and demographic groups. My vision is taking all of our work and creating a Huffington Post for placemaking that considers both the technological and sociological sides of placemaking. All I need you to do is the following to support this vision:

If you are a Tumblr user- click here to reblog and favorite/heart  my post.

If you are a not a Tumblr user- click here to sign up for an account. Note- url means your username on the site.  Then follow the directions above. Tumblr is free to join. Also, once the finalists are annouced, I will let everyone know and you can cancel your account if you feel the need.

Please share this link via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, email and any other on and offline social networks.

Thank you all for being loyal readers, supportive friends and family and for helping take this project to the next level! Please comment on this site or the grant application on Tumblr with feedback, ideas and if you are interested in helping with this greater project in some way.

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  • Ahuntermebane

    Great website.  I would love to see this expanded for wider reach.

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