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The Rest of CNU 22 Recap, powered by Storify

Judging debate with my CNU NextGen Colleauges in Buffalo, NY, June 6, 2014.

Judging debate with my CNU NextGen Colleagues in Buffalo, NY, June 6, 2014.


So let’s just say the remainder of CNU and my weekend was a whirlwind. But it was fun. And for those of you sick of me using the words CNU, be patient, I’ll be done by Thursday, and you’ll have that podcast I promised last week, On the Privilege of Travel, for your listening pleasure as well. You may see a CNU-themed video on Friday, but that’s all. Tomorrow I’ll answer both an open letter that brings up valid criticisms, as well as address the lingering diversity elephant (bison for Buffalo?) in the room. For now, click here for the Storify and we’ll see you bright and early tomorrow for our next post.

(In the meantime, check out North Carolina Placebook, for a brand-new explainer driven format).

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