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Travels and Protests

Since we are getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I’m going to keep this week’s Potatoes simple. One link to numbers around Ferguson and one link to the Amtrak train tracker.

This is Potatoes and this is what I normally call my Wednesday posts, because on Tuesday, I usually write a long post about one thing that I call Meat. Today’s post is supposed to go down a bit easier, but sometimes packs the same punch. I assume you have your ticket to come home tomorrow. Great, regardless, Expedia can help you. Click here and if you end up getting a ticket or hotel room, then the proceeds go back to me, to help me keep this site going. Thanks for coming and I hope you have a wonderful holiday week!

So, this post has gotten several major stats together that are relevant not just with the Ferguson case, but with issues surrounding police brutality across the nation. You may think that police brutality or misuse of forces has nothing to do with the growth of your city. However, if your buildings are burnt because people get provoked to extreme anger or businesses won’t come to your city because they heard that your forces are very aggressive and not equitable, then you have a problem. Also, there are issues around school funding, and jail funding and a will of the people to be able to survive and thrive. Click on the big HERE below to check out some of those numbers (apologizes for a bit of mild language):


Now, for a bit more fun. I always love when I get on planes these days and I can sit back and look at one of these:


It’s great to be able to track my trip in the air and see that some of those twists and turns we take are getting us to our final destination. From the comfort of my home today, I can do that with all the active trains in the Amtrak system.

The Amtrak train tracker is conveniently placed on their home page at www.amtrak.com and allows me to search for specific cities, route names or zoom in on a particular region to get a sense of where a train is going. Always comes in handy on days like today when I’m waiting for friends to get in on the train. Click on the screenshot below to check it out for yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 5.20.26 PM

This post is part of my participation in #NaBloPoMo, the time of the year when bloggers come together to pump out daily content and connect. Find out more about that project and how I’m participating, here and here. This is day 15 and I’m so excited to have been able to daily blog. Thanks everyone for sharing posts, commenting and liking them on social networks.

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