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[Weekly Email] Election Breakdown (and a Call for Self-Care)

We are back to the original program on my email. However, I’m still going to paste them here as posts, so you can get a taste of what I email to my subscribers and you can keep up with me on a weekly basis. And unlike in email, all the links are hot!  And there are pictures! Oh, and they will be weekly for the foreseeable future. Here goes!


How I’m Feeling and This Week on the Blog

My post from last Wednesday captures a lot of how I feel about what happened last Tuesday.

Another thing that helped? Spending time with other advocates of color and other marginalized peoples, as well as dedicated allies at The Untokening in Atlanta. (Here we are on a bike ride)


Also, finally meeting Katrina in person! We had a great time recording Third Wave Urbanism live at Pipeline Philly yesterday and we look forward to doing so again. We talked a lot about the election and why we decided to do both a joint podcast and why I decided to do my work. The audio will be up soon, but in the meantime, check us out on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, or at our website .


Instagram has all my travel pictures. I got to foam (train-watch) and spot (plane-watch) like crazy over the weekend. And I need to get back to Redding Terminal Market so I can properly eat my way through it.

What I’m Working On

Getting PlantoSpeak ready: January 6th, location in the DC Metro area, TBD. Cost, $250 until the day of, $499 the day off. You’ll spend a half day with me, critiquing your proposals and presentations, as well as getting a dose of how I make mine awesome. Go to www.plantospeak.com/resources  in the meantime and look for registration forms at the beginning of December.

A few consulting projects from my network: I can be your public engagement team member. Or I can help your office revise, revamp, renew or even just kick off a new media campaign. Take a look at my portfolio page (www.kristenejeffers.com) and let me know how I can be of service.

And if you like what I’m already doing and just want to buy me a coffee once a month, contribute to my tip jar. I can slide goodies back in there for you and will start doing so in January. (Because getting presents in January is even more awesome than doing so in December).

Adding a few new prints to the Kristpattern holiday collection. If you need wrapping paper, or you want quirky fabric or gift wrap I can help! Here’s one of my new  prints, Golden Tea Flight!


What You Should Be Reading

For the best commentary on this election and the effects on cities, Next City and CityLab have been doing a great job with keeping tabs on the work of the new administration.

I, for purposes of self-care, have been avoiding a lot of the news cycle. That includes Facebook. I am still tweeting here and there and I’m sharing a few things I think are great over there.

I am also doing my best to not read too much into the doom and gloom scenarios. Yes, I do believe we will have some damage to human and civil rights. And yes, I do believe we need to take it seriously.

However, some of us more than others have had to cope with negative influences and policy much longer. Some of you have the privilege of being able to influence policy to go another way. Whatever you read or choose to do over the next few days, let us listen and also let’s take calculated and defined action. Also, be mindful of your online chatter and also your mental health.

My Travel and Event Schedule

Next week, I am home for Thanksgiving in Greensboro. I know I’ve canceled several Greensboro trips since I moved back to the East Coast, but this one will stick. Because of that, you’ll get a smaller weekly email, and then the following week I’ll be back in DC and ready for the holiday season there.

How to Reach Me

@blackurbanist on Twitter and Instagram. kristen@theblackurbanist.com (this goes to my Gmail account) and if you already have my cell number, text me or message me. Otherwise, dial  1-888-207-9391.

See you next week!

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