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Working on the Move

Last week I spoke to Guilford County Schools students about how to be a successful writer (while taking some of the advice back into my system). One of the things I highlighted was the ability to be able to work with just a laptop and a smartphone. Today, I’d like to comment a bit on how I work on the move, for Throwback Thursday.



The photo above is from just a few months ago when I was in Charlottesville. While I was waiting to head to a meeting, I popped into this co-working space. There was free wi-fi, free printing, cute and bright furniture and meeting space if I needed it. I thought about that space today, as I tried out the new ColLab in downtown Greensboro. I wrote pieces of this post on my phone at a reception at another entrepreneurial space. Several of the major spreadsheets I use are on Google Sheets. We are becoming a flexible work world. Even at jobs that have more stable workspaces, there are cubicles and common rooms.

As cities, we need to be ready for true mobility. Unfortunately, the space pictured above is no more. The new space in Greensboro is not full yet. However, we all welcome a place we can call home, even for a few hours. I hope cities continue to realize that co-working spaces are just as vital as hotels. With many of us combining home and work, it’s imperative that our spaces achieve the same objective.

This post is part of my participation in #NaBloPoMo, the time of the year when bloggers come together to pump out daily content and connect. Find out more about that project and how I’m participating, here and here.


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